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Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool offers you its very own refreshing deep blue waters. All worries, stress and exhaustion will get dissolved in the blue inviting water that overlooks the palm-fringed meadows and open blue sky. You can play pool games, splash water on your loved-ones, or just glide on the floaters watching the expansive blue sky. Its open-deck patio will dish up as a pleasing daytime sunbathing and also as spanking nocturnal revelry. Here you can drape yourself on the pool's lift-seats, flip through your favorite pages, groove to the music or just sip the cocktails, it's just the way you want it!

Business deals and those extensive work schedules can sap energy and cool from just about any mind and body. After such a hectic day, a swim in cool water is all that you need.

Complete service available for drinks and snacks heightens and enhances your relaxation process here. Indulge!


  • Deluxe King

    Dusky Poolside

    The enthralling hill tops can serve as the backdrop for your next meeting or even your cocktail parties. Business deals, extensive work schedules can easily sap energy from just about any mind and body. This idyllic setting will provide you an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate.

  • Deluxe King

    Jade Poolside

    Owing to its proximity to the Jade hall, the Jade poolside serves as a perfect venue for a casual meet or a group discussion or even a hi-tea as complete services are available for drinks and snacks. The blue water's evening chill is sure to enhance your relaxation process and thus prove that business can be indulgence too at The Palms Hotel & Convention Centre.

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